About Us

Thousand Islands are a chain of islands to the north coast of Jakarta which consists of 110 islands that stretch along 45 miles north into the Java Sea .

Rainbow Islands was established in 1990 as a private resort in Thousand Islands , about 90 minutes from a crowd of Jakarta , you 'll find the perfect place for those who seek comfort and away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine

Traditional architectural style bungalows that reflect the natural life of the island , are spread throughout the region with beautiful white sandy beaches .


Why We

Very shocking difference will ...

Pelangi Island Resort provides a unique range of beauty compared to resorts in Indonesia and Asia Pacific . Features Pelangi Island is a traditional concept of Indonesia in 90s , the range that gives a sense of calm and relaxed and exceptional hospitality that will create a unique experience for our guests , and reflecting a contemporary lifestyle best ever.

Pelangi Island will take you into the local culture and impressive Java provides maximum experience . Whatever your personal interests , a myriad of new experiences await you here . What is learn to feel the nuances of white sand beaches stretching along the western coast of our island , relieve stress and fatigue through our natural forests , or feel the sensation of adventure sports like scuba diving submarine , underwater submarine ? You'll find life on the island because of Rainbow Rainbow give you lots of inspiration . Because it served to you in to feel the sensation of a private island .


The Facilities

Floating Restaurant

Kemegah hand made in 1990 , as the first and only floating restaurant in the Thousand Islands . We always ensure that you enjoy the beauty and delicious nuances combined with exceptional service .


Resting place that will give you peace on you, because our bungalow directly overlooking the sea. And in naungi by natural forest will add to the comfort and the opportunity ketenengan you tired and bustle of routine jobs.

Water activity

Explore the island province with " Alaska " ( semi- submarine ) , canoeing, banana boat , snorkeling or scuba diving !

Natural forest

Myriad of new experiences waiting for you. Silence within our forests perfect for yoga , cycling or run in the morning . Time to meet your need for relaxation in our world .

Meeting, Outing and Gathering

Pelangi island could be an option for you or companies who are looking for a convenient location for meetings, because silence and natural tones of the island can provide freshness and tranquility in collecting ideas ideas . In addition to meetings, the location of the island is also ideal to do Outing or gathering, because the location is spacious and comfortable island can strengthen your relationship with the client and family members.